Caterpillar® Model RD7/D7 Serial Number Owners List



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D7 3T series Pictured

Caterpillar Model RD7 9G1-9G7254

Mfg Dates 1/30/35-1/25/40

Weight 20490 lbs.

Gauge 74"&60"

Drawbar HP 69

Belt/ PTO HP 82

Cylinders bore and stroke 4@5-3/4"x8"

RPM 850

Fuel Cap. 60 gals.

Nebraska Test No. 254


Caterpillar Model D7 7M1-7M9999

Mfg. Dates 1940-1944

Weight 25925 lbs.

Gauge 74"

Drawbar HP 81

Belt/PTO HP 93

Cylinders bore and stroke 4@5-3/4"x8"

RPM 1000

Fuel Cap. 65 gals.

Nebraska Test No. 582 for 17A


1935 5E7501-5E7525

1935 9G1-9G264
117W Peter Proposch Queensland AU. Restored

122 W CA.
176 W Frank Buck Gettysburg PA.

1936 9G265-9G2506
422WSP Moulding Collection Ogden UT.

1390 Jim Swank MD, Let CCU and Blade

2434 CA.

1937 9G2507-9G4348
2965W Christenbury Caterpillar Collection Liberty NC.

2980 WSD Rod Central MN.
3390 Omnitrac Cove OR.
4321 WSP Bill Newman St. Cloud FL.


1938 9G4349-9G5465
4587 W CA. LeT Blade

1939 9G5466-9G7076
5574WSP Parke Oehme Lititz PA. Restored

5785W Dennis Skipworth Leighton AL.

6513 W Don Hunter Ontario CA. CCU

1940 9G7077-9G7254

1940 7M1-7M1615
71 SP CA.

1941 7M1616-7M4105
2265 Former Bud Roberts MO.

1942 7M4106-7M5983

1943 7M5984-7M8100

1944 7M8101-7M9999

1943 1T1001-1T1138

1944 3T1-3T726
6039 Moulding Collection Ogden UT.

1945 3T727-3T3418

2538 Sarles ND.

2721 Christenbury Caterpillar Collection Liberty NC.

2736 Dan Andrew Sedwick KS.

12853 Florida Flywheelers Ft. Meade FL.

22139 Rua Mudgway Palmerston NZ. engine only

1946 3T3419-3T5175

1947 3T5176-3T5175

1948 3T5178-3T9145
6639 Todd Rennix Mocksville NC.

7000 Sarles ND.

9278 Bill Downing Woodleaf NC.

9505 Ed Akin Placerville CA.

1949 3T9146-3T11642
1950 3T11643-3T15355

1951 3T15356-3T18145

3T 15749 Peter Proposch Queensland AU.

1952 3T18146-3T21374

19427 Jim Moore Badin NC.

1953 3T21375-3T25205

3T 2517SP Tom Lundgren Olalla WA.

1954 3T25206-3T27607

1955 3T27608-3T28058

1944 4T1-4T5260 Military

1945 4T5261-4T9999 Military
4T5849 Lew Donaldson Dade City FL.

1945 6T1-6T1054 Military
6T1025 Ted Halton Portland OR. Military Cable blade Lights


1955 17A1-17A2889
17A 2041 Tom Ielmorini Ca. Former Ed Akin Tractor scraper cat w/ great UC., fiderglass ag top

1956 17A2890-17A6391

1957 17A6392-17A10157

17A7107 Chris MaCallister

1958 17A10158-17A11647

1959 17A11648-17A11980
17A 12126 Billy Pedler AU.
17A 12182 CA.


1959 17A11981-17A14614

1960 17A14615-17A17857
17A 16979 Eric Johnson AU. Cable angle Blade Forestry Canopy D8 speed winch

1961 17A17858-17A19422

17A 17927 Wallace Ranch Woodland CA.
17A 19040 North West OH.

Machine newer than 1961 (I have yet to get the years stated but coming soon)

D7-17A2659 Donald Hamby, Soledad,Ca. has duel-output "BEGE" pump and Caterpillar 4-way hard-nose hydraulic blade