Caterpillar® Terracer


Caterpillar No 1 Terracer

For 15 to 26 HP tractors

9B944 Pictured

No. 1 Terracer location of manufacturing
9B1 to 9B200 Minneapolis Plant
9B201 to 9B300 East Peoria Plant

(Rubber wheels became an option starting with 9B201)
9B1202 to 9B1886 Subcontracted to Dawson
9B1887 to 9B2495 Subcontracted to Preco

Built 1931-42

No 1 Terracer Options

Front truck and stub pole


Caterpillar No 2 Terracer

For 35 to 45 HP tractors

Caterpillar #2 8F 307

Rubber wheels were offered as an option for the No. 2 Terracer

No. 2 Terracer location of manufacturing

Built 1934-
8F1 to 8F845 East Peoria Plant
8F855 to 8F1054 Subcontracted to Preco

No 2 Terracer Options



Caterpillar No 22 Terracer

For 20 to 35 HP tractors

Caterpillar Model 22 4H 5156

Rubber wheels were offered as an option for the No. 22 Terracer

No. 22 Terracer location of manufacturing

Built 1936 thru 1941
4H5001 to 4H5215 East Peoria Plant

Common use of parts between the 22 Grader and 22 Terracer are: gear boxes, circle structure, and certain frame members.


It appears that Dawson and Preco were subcontractors used by Caterpillar to free up space in the East Peoria plant.

They used the same design as the the East Peoria machines.

No information at this time has been gathered on the "Pacific Terracer".

Could it be that Dawson and/or Preco were located on the West coast and the name "Pacific Terracer" was coined?

Or was there a "Pacific Terracer" that was a different design (modified by dealer??) for use on the West coast.

Pacifiac Terracer #1 9B 1305